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Design Profit offers the following training programs, customizable to meet the your company’s particular needs.

Basic Session (2 days, 15 participants)

Basic Session Training focuses on developing full competency in Design Profit® Methodology, Symbology and Scoring. Instructors combine hands-on experience in Design Profit® software with directed-learning exercises from the Design Profit Training Manual, to bring new users rapidly up to speed. Users acquire and hone skills necessary for Baseline, Redesign and Report capability – the foundation toolset for efficient design and enhanced profits.

Lab (1 day)

Design Profit Lab is an intensive, one-day event where participants apply skills learned during Basic Session Training to real-world cases. Participants analyze actual products from their companies, perform baseline analysis, move through redesign, and finally, present their analysis to other teams. Selected projects are kept small enough so that the full Design Profit® chain of activities can be completed. Design Profit Lab drives understanding of how to implement Design Profit® and adds real-world competency to the skill set developed in Basic Session Training.

Activity Based Training

Design Profit® contains many powerful features that create value in your analysis. Activity-based Training focuses on methods and practices that encapsulate the most vital of these features. The activities are broken down into 2-hour training segments.

  • Methodology
  • Idea Significance
  • Repeats
  • Bill of Materials
  • Libraries
  • Symbology
  • Groups
  • Reporting
  • Customization


Hit two targets with one bullet with a Design Profit Workshop. Design Profit Workshop Training allows our experts to simultaneously train your users while conducting expert analysis of your products. (Workshop duration is based on product design complexity.)

Contact Design Profit so we can tailor our training solutions to meet your company’s unique requirements.

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Munro & Associates has long been a provider of training in various Lean methodologies, but now Munro combines its Lean Design® Methodology instruction with its Design Profit® software training into one comprehensive course.

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