Design Profit

Design Profit is the leading software in mapping, calculating and understanding your design goals from both a visual and metric based perspective. Design Profit collects data from the design, costing and manufacturing teams to create a comprehensive and predictive model that can easily be viewed and analyzed by engineering, manufacturing and executive alike in a visual product and process tool.

The software gives the team the ability to peel away the onion of manufacturing and design complexity, so that issues of several types are identified before the design moves from engineering to the more expensive stages of prototype and finally manufacturing. Design Profit enables your team to creatively, analytically and visually map your prospective design so that it incorporates all aspects of variables and metrics sought by the combined team into one, easy to understand, environment.

Unlike PLM and CAD modeling programs, Design Profit captures any and all real world data, which can be manipulated and augmented to create comprehensive maps, calculations and reports that go beyond the regular engineering boundaries so that quality, manufacturability, weight and cost reduction, labor and sustainability metrics can be understood concurrently within your teams.

Design Profit has been responsible for saving companies in various manufacturing fields Billions of dollars.