“Design Profit MRL” gives the users an intuitive and specific process to generate reports that expose risks while rolling up costs in the early architecture/design phase. This creates a product that is both producible and manufacturable by D.o.D. standards, but can also help the product design engineer to assess the viability of a product design during its inception.

DP MRL enables multiple assessors to work collaboratively across an entire program from any level of authorized editors to expose critical elements and design nuances within a chosen hierarchy. Users can synchronize elevator results, including instant notification of process change, with supporting metrics that the group can mutually make decisions on.

DP MRL illuminates potential issues that could become realized in the manufacturing process on a larger production scale. DP MRL’s process ensures multi-level compliance, intuitively, across all decision makers to prove a design’s viability when taken to production.

Using a team approach, MRL determines your product’s maturity level from a manufacturing standpoint.

Available as standalone software or as an add-on.