Features & Benefits

What can Design Profit do for your company?

  • Easily and comprehensively map both parts and processes of your design
  • Cost reduction through comparing multiple design ideas
  • Weight reduction
  • Easily identify and cost quality issues to eliminate them before they are realized in manufacturing
  • Map and analyze manufacturing flow and critical chain in your design
  • Challenge your engineers to eliminate unnecessary parts and processes
  • Analyze the Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) of your product
  • Collaboratively share design “cost maps” within users across your design teams
  • Create savable cost centers of parts which can be shared within users
  • Compare inputted weight and costing data to make alternative material decisions
  • Create Process Sheets
  • Identify Ergonomic issues early on
  • Add Media – both pictures and videos
  • Easily import a costed bill of material (CBOM)
  • Create charts and reports that make comprehensive design choices easy
  • Compare different variants and models simultaneously
  • Instant DFMEA/PFMEA reports
  • Track and analyze an unlimited myriad of metrics of the users choice, including sustainability and energy data
  • Easily export files to .pdf and Excel
  • Speed time to market for your new design or redesigned model
  • Business case building for a design
  • Risk reduction for your new product release

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